Return on Cloud. Accelerated.

LeanKloud provided us rich insight into our consumption patterns around computing resources. This has helped us optimise our budget in accordance with our demand projections

Shwetav Agarwal, CTO, Payabbhi


LeanKloud’s product has optimized two of our major spend areas and they have demonstrated savings to the tune of 25% of our overall spend on AWS and over 50% on services optimized

Rajiv R.G., Vice President – Process Excellence, Madura Micro Finance Limited.



Our industry & Cloud agnostic suite of solutions for planning, optimization, forecasting and tracking will help you realize better efficiencies from your existing Cloud setup while optimizing your future spend. Our solution suite also works on On-premise infrastructure.

Cloud agnostic optimization

Optimizes to get most out of any of your Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud setup

Forecasting & planning

Forecasts and plans your future needs scientifically

Multi dimensional reporting

Provides you fine grain visibility on Cloud utilization, current & projected costs


Our product makes it easy for all the key functions dealing with IT/Cloud computing infrastructure in your organization to perform their role to perfection !


Many functions in your organization can derive tangible value from our solutions. Key benefits by function are listed here.


Our solution suite is not “one more” that you can find in the industry. We have put a lot of thought into how organizations function and how decisions are made and reflected that in our solution to accelerate your IT infrastructure related decision making process. Key differentiators include:


Product led solutions company

We treat your IT/Cloud infrastructure as a valuable asset and our aim is to maximize your return on investment, be it a Public, Private, Hybrid or On-premise setup.

Our vendor and industry agnostic solutions will not only save considerable capital and revenue IT expenditure through our suite of applications for cost management, optimization planning and forecasting but will do it in a way that will allow the many functions in your organization to weigh the multiple available options with their trade-offs before making a considerate decision.

Tech savvy team

Our team is a judicious mix of professionals who bring a potent combination of visionary entrepreneurial skills and large scale international experience of working with Fortune 500 firms. Our founding team includes :

Vasanth Balakrishnan

Vijay Ramachandran

Siddharth Dhamija

Greg Andrews  
Mitch Cline
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