Our industry & Cloud agnostic suite of solutions for planning, optimization, forecasting and tracking will help you realize better efficiencies from your existing Cloud setup while optimizing your future spend. Our solution suite also works on On-premise infrastructure.  

Cloud agnostic optimization

Optimizes to get most out of any of your Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud setup

Forecasting & planning

Forecasts and plans your future needs scientifically

Multi dimensional reporting

Provides you fine grain visibility on Cloud utilization, current & projected costs


Our product makes it easy for all the key functions dealing with IT/Cloud computing infrastructure in your organization to perform their role to perfection !

We  will optimize your spending on Public/Private/Hybrid Cloud services like VMs, storage and database by not being prescriptive but by  giving you multiple money saving options across various Cloud providers  while taking all the business constraints into account.

If you have  on-premise infrastructure, we will be able to help you optimize it that will allow to you defer any capital spend that you may have planned.

We use scientific methods to forecast what your upcoming infrastructure need would be based on your key business metrics and historical usage patterns.  We will translate this to configurable specifications across various Cloud service providers which  will allow you to budget, plan, negotiate and secure the additional capacity in a structured manner. 

Our solution not only gives you fine grain visibility on your spending but also provides a monetary view of the under utilization at each asset level. If you combine this with our ability to optimize and forecast,  you will be not only be able to swiftly address all nodes of inefficiencies but also be in a position to allocate budgets precisely in the upcoming cycles.
If you are planning to move some or all of your infrastructure to Cloud, we will make sure the inefficiencies that are part of your existing on-premise infrastructure are not replicated in your new setup. We will also provide multiple options across various Cloud service providers which will allow you to make the right set of decisions for your organization.
Our forecasting models will let you know the  need you may have for the upcoming horizons in configurable specifications across various service providers.  This will allow you to issue standardized RFPs across service providers and provide you with sufficient time to pick the most optimal solution. 


Many functions in your organization can derive tangible value from our solutions. Key benefits by function are listed here.

  • Measuring performance against budget at the most granular level
  • Measuring return on investment on IT infrastructure
  • Improving speed and accuracy of budgeting
  • Tracking realized vs potential savings
  • Savings from optimization recommendations
  • Monetary value of underutilized infrastructure
  • Measuring performance against  budget at the most granular level
  • Improving speed and accuracy of budgeting
  • Identifying spending patterns by type of service
  • Early warning using trend based alerts to prevent loss of business continuity
  • Comparing equivalent offerings from multiple service providers
  • Tracking and measuring savings in operational expenditure and capital expenditure
  • Improving speed and accuracy of budgeting capital expenditure and revenue/operational expenditure
  • Receiving early indication of upcoming requirements
  • Comparing equivalent offerings from multiple service providers
  • Issuing RFPs with specifications normalized across service providers 
  • Having time and accurate information to negotiate better rates with service providers


Our solution suite is not “one more” that you can find in the industry. We have put  a lot of thought into how organizations function and how decisions are made and reflected that in our solution to accelerate your IT infrastructure related decision making process. Key differentiators include:

We are not aligned to any service provider and our solution suite works on any IT infrastructure setup – Public, Private, Hybrid or On-premise. The options that we present will respect all your business constraints
Our solution suite naturally lends itself to considerate decision making. We present multiple options within and across service providers along with their trade-offs to your teams, who may have conflicting goals, to collaboratively decide on the option that will best help meet the organization’s business goals.
We have designed our tool to cater to all the organizational functions that will have a say on IT infrastructure.  Finance, Procurement, Technology and Operations are some of the functions that can get deep insight across multiple dimensions into the performance and return on investment.
Performance of IT infrastructure is typically presented in units like percentage, credits, size, count etc. We have translated all of these disparate measures to be represented using one unit – monetary value. This allows the entire organization to have a common basis for determining the return on investment.


Product led solutions company

We treat your IT/Cloud infrastructure as a valuable asset and our aim is to maximize your return on investment, be it a Public, Private, Hybrid or On-premise setup.

Our vendor and industry agnostic  solutions will not only save considerable capital and revenue IT expenditure through our suite of applications for cost management, optimization  planning and forecasting but will do it in a way that will allow the many functions in your organization to weigh the multiple available options with their trade-offs before making a considerate decision. 

Tech savvy team

Our  team is a judicious mix of professionals  who bring a potent combination of visionary entrepreneurial skills and large scale international experience of working with Fortune 500 firms.  Our founding team includes : 

Vasanth Balakrishnan 


Vasanth Balakrishnan is the founder and CEO of LeanKloud.    Vasanth comes with a diverse background of having spent over 20 years  in the industry.  This includes working for a  large multinational consulting, technology and outsourcing firm  where he  played multiple senior roles including starting a new line of business which he grew from zero to over $40 million in 5 years.  Vasanth has also worked for and led startups during his career. He has also consulted for some of the Fortune 500 firms and upcoming startups across the globe  in areas likes Supply Chain, Telecom, Mobility and Cloud.  Vasanth has a master’s degree from the University of Maryland.  

Vijay Ramachandran


Vijay Ramachandran is the co-founder and CTO of LeanKloud.  Vijay comes with rich experience of close to 25 years  in product engineering and has worked for LinkedIn and Yahoo where he led large Engineering teams.  Vijay was also the founder of a startup that focused on contextual search optimization.  Vijay spent the initial part of his career in the Bay Area working for Lockheed Martin and Zambeel.  Vijay holds a master’s degree from the University of Maryland.

Greg Andrews


Greg’s current roles are CEO Executive Advisor at LeanKloud and also a Managing Partner at The Nicole Andrews Group (an award-winning luxury real estate brokerage serving Dallas/Fort Worth).  Prior to this, Greg was a Managing Director at Accenture with a career spanning nearly 30 years and was also the Chief Operating Officer for Taleris (a joint venture between Accenture and GE Aviation).

Mitch Cline 


Mitch’s current roles are CEO Executive Advisor at LeanKloud and also Managing Director of Exemplar Capital Partners based in Austin, Texas. Mitch held multiple leadership roles at Accenture including Managing Director of the Global Electronics & High Technology practice, leading the North American Communications, Media & Electronics business and managing a $1B+ partnership with Accenture’s largest client.